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Bones Fanfic Chapter 2
Chapter 2 : Secret No More
I sat at my desk, a few lights outside the office and one bureau lamp illuming the files I was ordering.
It was late , 10:30 PM I noticed as I looked on my watch and I was tired, getting up I stretched the kinks out my muscles, wincing in pain as I remembered the bruise.
Or bruises to be exact, not so long ago , two weeks I think , Patrick hit me with as result a bleeding and open lip.
He told me it was a single slip, and I believed him.
But the rage came back and the beating and insulting became more frequent.
Three days ago he'd acted stressed and when I asked it something was up he replied that I should keep my big mouth shut and mind my own fucking business, I told him to simmer down and then another wave of rage appeared.
He'd pushed me to the ground and kicked my side, where now a few bruises were coloring from blue to purplish green. The ribs he hit weren't broken, luckily, but sure as hell the skin was bruised and painful.
Sighing deeply , I got my co
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Bones Fanfic - Chapter 1
With him everything was perfect.
Patrick was good looking, very generous and most of all a sweet and tender boyfriend...
Until three months ago, that day he slipped and became his true self...which turned out to be A MONSTER!
Three months ago:
I was standing in the kitchen of my apartment, cooking some Mac n cheese when he entered.
"Hi Tempe," Giving me a quick kiss on my cheek before he shrugged of his jacked and put away his briefcase.
Patrick Wells was a 34 year old lawyer who I met one and a half year ago after a rough case; he'd comforted me and asked me out, since we had a strong band.
As I put dinner on the table Pat poured us some wine, we ate in silence what was not completely uncommon for us.
Sometimes you have nothing to say… and I was about to learn that sometimes you better leave the silence, silent.
Taking a snip of my wine I cleared my throat.
"...We finally got the killer of Elisa Millan was her step-dad, he tried to run but Booth caught him in time befo
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Bones Cartoon - X-mas version by Booth-x-Brennan Bones Cartoon - X-mas version :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 2 0 Bones cartoon Halloween by Booth-x-Brennan Bones cartoon Halloween :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 3 0 Dr.Temperance Brennan season 4 by Booth-x-Brennan Dr.Temperance Brennan season 4 :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Lil Bones by Booth-x-Brennan Lil Bones :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Bones Time by Booth-x-Brennan Bones Time :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 2 0 Booth and Brennan Scrap 2 by Booth-x-Brennan Booth and Brennan Scrap 2 :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Mr. Booth sketch by Booth-x-Brennan Mr. Booth sketch :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Booth as a Simpson by Booth-x-Brennan Booth as a Simpson :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 1 0 provocative belt buckle by Booth-x-Brennan provocative belt buckle :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 2 0 Booth and Brennan Scrap by Booth-x-Brennan Booth and Brennan Scrap :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 2 0 Happy Birthday Bones by Booth-x-Brennan Happy Birthday Bones :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Figment of Imagination by Booth-x-Brennan Figment of Imagination :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 0 0 Booth Love by Booth-x-Brennan Booth Love :iconbooth-x-brennan:Booth-x-Brennan 6 0


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Booth x Brennan
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